Maximilian von App is your Financial Advocate.  With his 3-step process he will 1) find money for you to buy your home.  2) Increase your portfolio and 3) Set you up for retirement!

The first order of business is mortgages…acquiring money for real estate.  I help buyers acquire a loan to buy a house, then use that home to borrow money from it in order to renovate and build up the equity. 

Existing clients come to me and ask me; how can I put in hard wood floors?  I hear rates are low, how do I refinance?  I recently advised a client to reformat his home in a way that he is now able to rent (Air B&B) the upper level of his home.  He renovated his basement by using the equity in the home and converted it into a master bedroom with an on suite bathroom. He added a separate doorway that he can use to enter without having to use the front door.  He is hardly ever there because of his work and travel schedule so his house sits empty most of the time.  After remodeling the entire home he can now rent out the 3 bedrooms upstairs and use that rent to pay for his entire mortgage, which we will now call property management.  

What do you do with the property after you own it?   Property Management has everything to do with how you own the property and how you file your taxes.  We’re now talking about bookkeeping, a rental business and using it as a home office.  I consult with my clients on the tax ramification when it gets to that point.  At this point, my clients may be looking to acquire a second property because the home they currently own is being paid for my renters or Air B&B renters and now it’s time to build a portfolio. 

If you plan on holding on to the property, you’re a property manager.  If you’re going to rent it out, you’re a property manager.  If you’re going to place it on a tax return, you’re a property manager.  When people are sick of managing property, sick of the finances, mortgage interest rates, and property taxation then they ask me the question; what’s next?  Which leads us to the next steps, which are investments. 

When you’re done begging, borrowing and saving, you’re officially in the game.  Now it’s time to look toward retirement.  Retirement is investment.  Now you’re planning to not work.  For years we work for money and at the point of retirement, money works for us. 

When people decide that their looking towards retirement they have to figure out a way to get their money to work for them the rest of their life and the life of their loved ones.  So money has to be wisely invested in order to perpetuate indefinitely.


As your Financial Advisor I meet people from square one, sometimes before or after they find a realtor, and I give them a financial roadmap for their life.  In that financial roadmap they realize what kind of loan they want without me even saying it because after discussing it with me they come to find out what their motivation is for buying a house.  I give people their whole life picture (keep the house, don’t keep the house, move, stay) because maybe they just want to be in the house for a couple of years and then move.  I educate them from the beginning; I enable them in real estate and then help them invest in anything after they buy their first home that has money components.

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