Retirement is different for each one of us

Let's figure out what is best for you...together.

Step 3

Retirement is different for each one of us.  The majority of Americans go to work in a company and put in their 30 plus years of service.  They contribute to a 401K that hopefully the company matches.  Some people also invest in stocks and annuities that they’ll be able to use during the olden days.  Here’s the thing…times have changed.  That may have been the way to go for baby boomers but the days of staying at a company for 30 years seems nostalgic.  Not to mention the rumors that social security may be close to running out of money.  Let’s not even talk about that. 

My clients are easily ushered into the third of my three-step program.  These clients have trusted me with the first two steps.  They’ve trusted me with finding the money to buy a home and then finding the right type of loan.  They’ve trusted me that becoming a property manager is the smart way to go.  And now they trust me to help them invest for their retirement.  These are some of the services I offer at Von App Financial Service.     

  1. Financial Planning
  2. Index Universal Life Insurance
  3. Index Annuities
  4. REIT – Real Estate Investment Trusts
  5. KeyL 125 College Planning

*I don’t invest in stocks or other financial services but I do offer consulting and will refer you to a trusted broker if need be.